Silver Stripe Isosceles Triangle Honeyglass Necklace


Cut from honeycomb murrine, this solid glass piece has been hand shaped, tumbled for several weeks, and hand polished to shine.  It is finished with a hand-soldered sterling silver jump ring and sterling silver chain.  Arrives packaged in a laser cut wood display box.

The Honeyglass Jewelry Collection is a culmination of years of flameworking and coldworking skill and technique. Simply put, I combine pure gold and silver metals and borosilicate glass under the heat of a torch to create the suspended honeycomb pattern. My proprietary coldworking process creates smooth rounded edges designed to resist chipping for everyday wear. 

Honeyglass is created by hand in small batches by me and my team in Sebastopol, California.  Though we strive for consistency, in reality, each piece is a unique piece of art and will vary slightly in shape, thickness and pattern.