"Quasar" Guitar Pick


"Quasar" is a pattern created using pure gold and silver

This piece is part of our Honeyglass Jewelry line. The honeycomb pattern is created using pure gold and silver trapped in molten borosilicate glass. We utilize ancient glassblowing techniques combined with modern tools and craftsmanship to create these near-perfect patterns.

Each piece of Honeyglass jewelry is created from a cut slice of honeycomb murrine cane. The slice is hand-shaped before moving onto a 40-day tumble cycle. The tumbling process gently creates rounded edges without distorting the honeycomb pattern. The rounded edges are chip-resistant and provide durability for daily wear. Finally, the piece is hand polished and fitted with a soldered jump ring. Each piece of jewelry comes with a sterling silver chain necklace, style and length may vary.

This piece comes in a wooden laser-cut flip-lid box we design, cut and assemble in-house.

By purchasing this piece of art you not only support our small business, you also allow us to support beekeeping and conservation efforts.